I highly recommend Colin’s work! In less than an hour of work, Colin was able to significantly improve my right shoulder’s range of motion. He gently, patiently, and precisely taught me how to activate muscles I hadn’t been fully sensing. I’ve had hundreds of hours of 1-on-1 manual therapy and movement education over the years. What I received from Colin stands out as among the best! I had the blessing of learning alongside Colin in a Feldenkrais professional training. Oh—to live closer to such masterful hands!

Matthew McNatt, GCFP, HANDLE Practitioner

Having lived with multiple sclerosis for over 35 yrs., many of my complaints regarding pain and balance were things that most doctors and therapist, felt went along with this disease. In other words, just live with it.  Colin, on the other hand, took a very different approach to my list of items. He picked each fear and pain a part to determine where it was originating from and worked to determine what I could do differently thereby effecting positive changes in my entire body.

Susan Schell

This week I received a letter of admission to McGill for a Master’s in Baroque viola. Prior to taking Functional Integration lessons I would definitely not have had the comfort or confidence levels to pursue that particular impulse. Thank you!