Colin offers Feldenkrais® lessons on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting.

Functional Integration®

Functional Integration lessons are one-on-one lessons.  In a Functional Integration lesson, the practitioner uses hands-on and verbally guided movements to help students improve their ability to move and function.  Functional integration lessons are individually tailored to the needs and interests of the student, and lessons can be for many purposes, from improving range of movement, or reducing pain from a chronic condition, to being a better athlete or achieving a new level of excellence in your music making.  Regardless of the specific request, Feldenkrais lessons will help the student to move, think or perform as a better-integrated whole.

Awareness Through Movement®

In Awareness Through Movement classes, the Feldenkrais Practitioner® teaches a group of people using a verbally guided sequence of movements. Classes often include scanning your bodily sensations, moving, noticing what you feel while you move, taking frequent rests, and listening as the practitioner guides your attention.  Movements can range from small, gentle and slow, to larger movements that may be faster, depending on the needs of the students in the class. By participating and exploring your potential in Awareness Through Movement lessons, you will improve aspects of your movement, attention and functioning.